Trump Denied

Attribution to Gage Skidmore

This is Lou Dobbs. He is a somewhat well known tv ‘news’ personality He was on CNN for a large number of years. He was one of the only mainstream media personalities who gave credence to the ‘birther’ conspiracy. The controversy revolving his support for that conspiracy theory led to his resignation from CNN, in November of 2009.

Dobbs found a job on the Fox News Business channel in November 2010. He became a strong proponent of conspiracy theories including the theories that election voting machines were manipulated so that Trump lost the election in 2020. He, along with others, were sued by Smartmatic, a competitor of Dominion Voting Systems, who were also caught in the conspiracy theory, on February 4, 2021, for $2.7 billion.

Court filings on Dominion’s law suit were released last week. The filings released showed that Donald Trump had attempted to call in to the Lou Dobbs show on the afternoon of January 6. The January 6 House Committee did not know that. Fox News Business President, Lauren Petterson stated that Trump was rebuffed because,

“it would be irresponsible to put him on the air” (and) “could impact a lot of people in a negative way,”

Dominion, in the court filing, stated the following,,

“The afternoon of January 6, after the Capitol came under attack, then-President Trump dialed into Lou Dobbs’ show attempting to get on air. But Fox executives vetoed that decision. Why? Not because of a lack of newsworthiness. January 6 was an important event by any measure. President Trump not only was the sitting president, he was the key figure that day.”

Fox News were very aware of the disaster that could have happened if Trump had gone on Dobbs’ show that afternoon. This was in the middle of the insurrection. Trump, at that moment, in the mood he was in, would have, most likely, fanned the existing flames into an inferno.

While, all of the above relates to the Dominion law suit, Special Prosecutor, Jack Smith, if he has not done so already should start issuing subpoenas to Fox News executives and entertainers, such as Tucker Carlson, to get their mindset for the days revolving around January 6. It is interesting to note that Dobbs’ show was cancelled on February 5, one day after the Smartmatic $2.7 billion law suit.

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