Fake News

The image above is from an illustration back in 1894. Donald Trump used it and continues to use it incessantly. Trump supporters of all stripes continuously call news from outlets such as CNN and MSNBC as fake news.

The court documents, released last week, relating to the $1.6 billion lawsuit by Dominion Voting Systems against Fox News provides strong evidence that the biggest media outlet purveyor of fake news is Fox News itself. Texts by Fox News executives and entertainers such as Hannity and Carlson show that they knew that the Trump claims of a stolen election were total BS. They texted that voices, carrying out Trump’s message, such as Sydney Powell and Rudy, were liars and looney. They new that. But they continued the lies because they were afraid or the cult of Trump. They were seeing the Trump cultists jump to ‘news’ networks further right than them, such as Newsmax. Fox had a choice. Either report the election results honestly or continue messaging Trump’s fake news. In order to keep their audience they chose the latter.

The trial on this lawsuit, begins on April 17. Fox could very well lose. One thing that I honestly do not understand is that Trump cultists, despite all the evidence showing otherwise still believe in Trump’s fake news. I think deep down they know they have been suckered in but just can not admit it.

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