Tarnished Sweetheart

Attribution to David W. Carmichael

This is a picture of Jamie Sale with dance partner Theo Fleury in the made for tv “Battle of the Blade” competition in 2010. Many will remember her from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Sale and future husband David Pelletier skated a flawless performance in the figure skating pairs long program. Many thought that the performance was enough for them to win the Gold Medal. However, the Gold was given to a Russian pair who had a minor error in their performace. This resulted in Sale and Pelletier getting the Silver Medal. It then came out that the French judge had been pressured into giving a first place vote to the Russian pair in exchange for a first place vote given to a French figure skating pair. The scandal rocked the figure skating world. A result was that Sale and Pelletier ended up sharing the Gold Medal with the Russian pair. Sale and Pelletier were Canada’s sweethearts. They married in 2004 and subsequently divorced in 2010. Sale subsequently married former NHL star Craig Simpson and they subsequently divorced.

Sale’s sweetheart status has, of late, become tarnished for many Canadians. She now hosts, along with Theo Fleury, the “Theo and Jamie Show: Fire and Ice” an online show with the conservative media outlet “Canadians for Truth” This outlet is vehemently opposed to vaccines and masks with Sale stating that children wearing masks is a form of child abuse. She has labelled vaccine mandates as ‘medical rape’. She has appeared on the Fox News propaganda channel in the US. She states that,

“We’ve been led by a bunch of criminals, basically, our whole life. We have been lied to since the minute we were born. And we’ve been enslaved since the minute we were born.”

Her twitter feed is full of conspiracy claims. She posted a false article claiming that the vaccine efficiency is only at 12%. She has compared Prime Minister Trudeau to Hitler and posted a false article stating that Trudeau blamed climate change for the anger against politicians.

Sale recently retweeted to tweet with the tweet stating “Public executions I would watch on PPV”. The people identified included Fauci, Biden and Trudeau. Sale, in her retweet commented “this looks good”.

Where she was called Canada’s sweetheart, at one time, she is now being called a lunatic and a bigot. Things have changed.

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