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This is a picture of a cat. I wanted to show you a picture of Emily Kohrs, the forewoman of the Fulton County Grand Jury that was established to make recommendations as to whether charges should be laid stemming from Donald Trump’s ‘perfect call’ asking for 11,870 votes. The reason I did not is because I did not want to violate any copyright laws. There is a connection to the cat though, so please bear with.

There was some initial paragraphs relating to the Grand Jury findings last week, indicating that some of the 75 witnesses called to the stand committed perjury by lying to the Grand Jury. There was also a paragraph that the Grand Jury unanimously found that there was no election fraud in the Georgia election. Donald Trump, after the release of these paragraphs, tweeted on his Truth Social that the Grand Jury had totally exonerated him. Huh?

Emily Kohrs, the 30 year old forewoman, supposedly between jobs, went on a media blitz tour yesterday. Without revealing the findings of the Grand Jury, she came out with a number of teasers. She might not have crossed the line, as to what she should or should not have revealed, but she pretty well went up to the line and stomped that poor line to death.

Kohrs hinted that it would be recommended that a number of people would be indicted, including well known names. She indicated that there would be no surprises. She pretty well hinted that Trump is in trouble. When asked about Trump’s exoneration tweet, Kohrs pretty well said that she had no idea where Trump got that from.

One guest, on CNN, said that she had never seen a foreperson on a Grand Jury ever do something like this. Many guests said that this was a gift to the Trump defense team stating that Kohrs media blitz would prejudice any jury against Trump. But one guest put it best. This is where the cat picture comes in. The guest said that Trump is like three cats with 27 lives. Every time you think you have him, Trump gets away. Kohrs 15 minutes of fame may very well have given Trump another life.

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