Daylight Time

This morning, most of us moved back to daylight saving time. Out here, being in the western part of the Mountain Time Zone, it means that daylight is already lasting until near 8 in the evening. By late June it will be daylight until 11.

Being retired, the time change does not affect me too much. But a lot of people will be coming to work tomorrow a bit late and a lot grumpy. There is such a furor going on about eliminating the time changes for good. Either stay on Standard time or go to Daylight time all year long. Do not google daylight time because it is so confusing. In all reality, we will still be talking about this and hemming and hawing, ten years from now.

The time change did affect me, in one way. I got up a bit later than usual, upsetting my routine. Usually, I spend a bit of time researching what I will be chirping for the day. Did not have time for that, this morning. So here I am chirping about daylight time, which does make me a bit grumpy. Whatever. Enjoy your Sunday.

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