Attribution to Brian Green

A chirp about a tree? Is the tree pitiful? Here is the story. There is a video circulating in the twitter verse that claims to absolutely prove that ANTIFA was behind the January 6 riot. It shows people under a tree changing their black clad clothes, the ANTIFA colours, into regular clothes. This proves that ANTIFA were at the front lines of the so called insurrection. This proves it without a doubt.

First of all, why would ANTIFA attack the Capitol to stop the process of certifying Joe Biden as President, when they wanted Biden to be certified as President. Fine. Right wing extremists will use whatever convoluted logic they want. Look at the image of the tree. This is not the actual tree in the video. However, the colours of the leaves on this tree is the same as the leaf colours in the video. Green leaves. January 6. That is pitiful.

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