Grand Jury

The Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) interviewed five members of the Georgia Grand Jury tasked with investigating election interference by the Trump team and by Trump himself. The five mentioned that it was an exhausting and an emotional process. There were a total of 75 witnesses called to testify. Many of the witnesses did not want to be there. They were forced to be there due to subpoenas. At least ten of the witnesses pleaded the fifth amendment.

The Grand Jury heard gut wrenching testimony from Ruby Freeman about the death threats she received after being singled out by Trump. They heard from Eric Coomer, an executive of Dominion Voting Systems, who had to resign, after being vilified. They also heard from the wife of George Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State who taped trump’s perfect call asking for 11,780 votes. Tricia Raffensperger broke down on the stand as she detailed all the threats that her family received.

The five grand jurors another taped conversation that Trump had with the Georgia speaker of the house, who has since passed away. Trump wanted the Speaker to convene a special session of the Legislature to overturn Biden’s victory in the state. The Speaker turned him down.

The Grand Jurors talked about Senator Lindsey Graham’s testimony. Apparently, Graham said that if Trump was told that aliens had been involved in the ballot tampering, Trump would have believed it.

The Grand Jury want the findings to be released soon. One of the five mentioned that once the findings are released, the effects will be massive and the country might not be so divided. One can only hope.

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