History May Repeat

Attribution to Avi Ohayon / Government Press Office

Here is a story. There is a leader of a country, But, it is not the United States. This leader has been accused of committing crimes. The police begin an investigation. this leader denies that he has committed any crimes. This is just an attempt by those who like him to bring him down. If he is found guilty of these indictments, he could face prison sentences of up to 15 years.

This leader is in a parliamentary system. His partry loses. That means this guy is no longer leader. But, fortunately for him,, there is another election soon after and he becomes leader again.

This leader is still under indictment. This leader wants to make sure that he never goes to jail. So, his party puts into motion, legislation that a sitting leader cannot be charged. Legislation is also in the works that would make it difficult for a leader to be declared unfit for office.

The leader does not stop there though. His Supreme Court has been a barrier to a number of things that the leader wants done. So legislation is now in the works to alter the composition of the Supreme Court, so that the new Supreme Court looks more favourably to the decisions that the leader wants made. But the leader has one more ace up his sleeve. Legislation is going to be passed so that the Parliament can override any ruling made by the Supreme Court.

The country is pissed. Even members of the leader’s own inner circle are concerned. The Defense Minister goes against the leader. The leader fires him. The country is now paralyzed by a general strike of the magnitude never seen in that country.

Is this fiction? No. The person in the image above is Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. This is happening right now. The thing is, this could happen again, in the US, in 2024. Trump could still be under indictment. Trump could win the Presidency. Trump and his party could and will take measures to ensure that his party will remain in power, even if it means changing the judiciary and the constitution. The country would be paralyzed. History does repeat itself and it very well could here.

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