Pressure Is On

Attribution to Pavel Sevela

Why an image of a boa constrictor? They are known for grabbing their prey by the teeth and then squeezing the life out of the prey.

Donald Trump must feel like prey these days. His Truth Social rants are getting crazier and more explosive daily. In the last week alone, his woes have increased dramatically. He was already facing challenges with the ‘hush money to a porn star, Grand Jury, the ‘perfect call’ Georgia Grand Jury the Grim Reaper Jack Smith with his Mar-a-Lago and January 6 Grand Jury. For someone who claims that he has done nothing wrong, Donnie keeps fighting being brought to justice and he keeps losing and he keeps ranting. It is a vicious downward spiralling cycle.

In the last seven days, his ‘executive privilege’ defense has been torn apart. Last Friday, Evan Corcoran, his Mar-a-Lago lawyer testified before the Jack Smith Grand Jury. This week, Donnie’s former Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows, and others were ordered to testify before Jack Smith’s Grand Jury. Yesterday it was Mike Pence, who was ordered to testify. In all three cases the defense used was executive privilege. In all three cases that defense was tossed out.

It is like a slow day by day constriction of life on Donnie. The New York Grand Jury has put off any decision on Trump until, at least, next week. The circle of people being subpoenaed and forced to testify is getting closer and closer to Trump. Don’t forget that Ivanka and Jared have also been subpoenaed.

There is also pressure on the Department of Justice. As one former federal judge stated,

“I think there’s some pressure now on Justice to bring this to a conclusion. To me, based on the way it is shaping up, it is a dead bang obstruction of justice case.”

No matter how much Donnie rants and raves, the pressure is just going to keep increasing on Donnie.

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