Obvious Irony

Attribution to Amazing Almonds

A short but obvious chirp today Republicans say they are for limited government involvement and control. Yet, Republican led state governments are firmly involved in women’s reproductive rights and education curriculum. State governments also are involved in gun rights (more guns the better) and religious rights. The above picture is a glass of almond milk. Big Dairy is lobbying their Republican friends in congress to get the Federal Drug Administration to drop the word ‘milk’ in the labelling of this product. Big Dairy says the use of the word ‘milk’ is misleading. Just a coincidence that there is a decline in dairy milk sales.

Here is the more obvious irony. Republicans are banning books. Republicans are banning the teaching of certain courses. Republicans are saying they are doing this to protect the kids. But Republicans are not touching the banning of assault weapons that are being used to slaughter kids in school. Like I said, obvious irony.

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