This is Jack Teixeira. He was arrested yesterday in relation to the leaking of Pentagon documents. These documents stated showing up on a chat site called Discord, in early March. The documents started getting major airplay on a number of sites, in April. These classified documents included analysis briefs on what both Ukraine and Russia was experiencing in that war. There were a number of surveillance briefs on America’s allies, including Canada. Basically, it showed that America is spying on a number of countries, friend and foe. Needless to say, a number of feathers have been ruffled.

Teixeira, 21 years old, is a member of the Massachusetts Air National Guard. He has had a fascination with the military, since boyhood. He would wear camouflage to school. He has been described as a loner. Friends say that he is a gun nut, loves God, has a distrust for the government and loves racing cars. He also posted racist memes.

Sides have already been chosen in the Twitterverse. Those leaning Republican, are lenient on him and, at times, supportive of him for exposing so-called government lies. Those leaning Democrat want the book thrown at him.

This is still early days. Authorities need to find out how Teixeira had access to these classified documents and how he got them out of a secured facility, amongst other things. No matter what, the leaking of these documents has caused tension between America and it allies, have put intelligence assets at risk, and have likely closed intelligence pipelines. Major damage has been done.

This story is still unfolding.

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