All In One Day

From Guardsian website – Photograph by Justin Lane/EPA

So many things happened, in one day, to Tucker’s Fox Entertainment and to Trump that there could be seven chirps just to cover all that happened. Will squeeze it all into one chirp.

First, Tucker, who hates Trump, fawned all over him, in an interview, Tuesday night. Trump praised China’s Xi and Russia’s Putin while saying America’s enemy was from within. Trump also claimed that court officials at Trump’s arrest wept and apologized. Court officials, yesterday, said no such thing happened. There were tears, throughout the nation, but they were tears of joy.

New tapes provided by fired Fox Producer Abby Grossberg shows Rudy Giuliani admitting that he was having difficulties producing evidence of tainted Dominion software. There is also a tape of a Trump official saying the following regarding the Georgia election,

“there weren’t any physical issues with [Dominion] machines on those inspections.”

The Judge, in the case, indicated that he is imposing a sanction on Fox for misrepresentation and potentially withholding evidence. He will, most likely, be appointing a Special Master to investigate Fox’s representations, to the Court. That’s all Fox needs, an angry judge, just before trial

Trump made a lot of news yesterday. He sued Michael Cohen for, $500 million, claiming that Cohen broke lawyer/client confidentialities and that Cohen spread falsehoods. The trouble for Trump is that both he and Cohen will be deposed if the lawsuit proceeds. So is Trump going to tell the truth or will he plead the fifth. Cohen has been deposed a number of times. Trump will not want to put himself in a position where he will be deposed.

Trump is asking for a month delay in the E. Jean Carroll defamation and rape lawsuit, which is set to begin on April 25. Trump’s lawyer claimed,

“President Trump can only receive a fair trial in a calmer media environment than the one created by the New York County district attorney,”

Really? This is just a delay tactic. Does Trump really think the environment will be calmer by May 25. He will be probably have additional indictments levied against him, by then.

More bad news for Trump yesterday. There are reports that Special Counsel Jack Smith is investigation the possibility of Trump sharing classified documents, specifically, a map, with visitors at his Mar-a-Lago resort.

After the election, trump launched fund raising activities based on his stolen election lie He raised nearly $200 million. The thing is, one cannot raise funds based on a lie. There are now reports that Jack Smith is looking into whether Trump’s fundraising activities broke mail fraud and wire fraud laws.

All of this in one day.

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