Barn Door Open

Sourced from NBC website – By CNN Newsource Pristine Villarreal

This is Ralph Yari. He went to pick up his siblings He went to the wrong house He knocked on the front door and got shot twice, including one shot in the head. He is recovering from his wounds. It is a miracle he survived.

A twenty year woman was in her car with a bunch of friends. They turned into the wrong driveway. The owner came out and fired shots at the car. The woman died from gun wounds.

A six year old kid accidently had his basketball go into a yard. A person came out and started shooting. The father of the six year old kid was shot and is now fighting for his life.

Five people were killed in a bank shooting in Louisville, Kentucky. The shooter, who was shot and killed, left notes as to why he did it. The shooter, who had mental health issues, wanted to show how easy it was to purchase a gun, even though he had mental health issues.

This has all happened in the last little while, in America. Second Amendment advocates talk about red flag laws and responsible gun owners. Well obviously, there are a lot of irresponsible gun owners and red flag laws aren’t worth the paper they are written on. Advocates talk about the need to address mental health issues. Every freaking country is populated with people having mental health issues but are not massacred at the rate that Americans are being shot and killed at. Republicans are at a point where they are saying, out loud, that nothing can be done, that Americans just have to live with it.

For Republicans, the Second Amendment is the bible, the NRA is God. Kill my kids but don’t take away or put any restrictions on my guns. There are 450 million guns in the USA. That barn door is wide open and the horses have fled. Have a nice day.

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