Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theories are usually the domain of right wing wack jobs. For example, John Kennedy jr. did not die in a plane crash and is still alive. The January 6 insurrection was organized by ANTIFA. And so on. However, there is one conspiracy theory that is getting more and more traction with Canadians.

The person above is Gary Bettman. He became commissioner of the NHL, in 1992. The last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup was in the Spring of 1993. Bettman was still settling into his job. Coincidence? Many Canadians are thinking not.

The theory here is that the prime revenue driver is American market tv. American networks such as NBC and now ABC are carrying the playoffs. Currently, when not on the major networks, cable networks such as ESPN and TBS carry the bulk of the playoffs. Ratings go down, in the US, when a Canadian team is shown, in the playoffs. So, the fix is in. There is no way that Bettman, and the referees, are going to let Canadian teams win. That is the theory.

Over the years, Canadians have questioned many of the calls that went against a Canadian team. The most recent example is last Friday, in an overtime game between the LA Kings and the Edmonton oilers. There was a play where the puck was apparently touched by an LA high stick. Connor McDavid, who was on the ice at the time, pointed the high stick to the referee, right away. The play continued and LA scored a goal. The goal was reviewed. The replays apparently showed the puck was touched by the LA player’s high stick. The goal was counted anyways. Are they blind?

Laugh, laugh, if you must. Hmmm. Whatever.

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