Attribution to Gage Skidmore from Surprise, Arizona

The Dominion lawsuit dominoes continue to tumble. The latest casualty is Tucker Carlson, Fox’s media superstar. Question asked is why did he get fired. One response is “you can think of a billion reasons”. That would, of course, refer to the Fox payout to Dominion. Others could point out to his pro-Putin stance and his blatant lies about January 6. But it seems that Rupert Murdoch, the head of Fox, was upset about the way Tucker disparaged the executives, at Fox, as was revealed in texts during the lawsuit’s discovery process. Tucker was none to nice, implying that Fox’s executives, including Rupert, was destroying the Fox brand.

The twitterverse was ablaze. Tucker haters, including me, were celebrating. The popping of champagne corks was deafening. Tucker lovers felt betrayed. Fox was accused of becoming ‘woke’. Many were saying that they would never watch Fox again, given Tucker’s honest assessment of issues. Donald Trump is reportedly furious.

So, what now for Tucker. He is rich from inheritance. He can do whatever he thinks he wants. Will he go to competing right wing networks such as Newsmax or OAN? Probably not. He is radioactive right now Dominion is suing those two cable networks. The two networks are being booted off cable systems. Also, they probably could not afford to pay Tucker what he thinks he is worth.

He is not going to go away for long though. He is not going to go into obscurity like Fox’s former media superstar Bill O’Reilly did when he got fired from Fox. Don’t be surprised that within the next few months Tucker starts making noises about a potential Presidential run. Now, before anyone starts saying that could never happen, people were saying the same thing about Trump in 2015. But, for now, enjoy his silence.

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