Fight Continues

From BBC Website sourced from Instagram

It has been nearly 8 months since the arrest and subsequent beating death of Mahsa Amini. The mass protests, in Iran, have died down, but the struggle continues. The following are two examples of the struggle.

The regime’s crackdown continues. Leaked documents show that a secret committee was formed to punish prominent figures protesting against the regime. The regime has taken various actions including economic sanctions, travel bans and detainment. The person above is a prominent actress, in Iran, Taraneh Alidoosti. This is a photo of her, that she posted, not wearing a hijab and holding a sign ‘Woman, life, freedom’. After posting this picture she was detained for two weeks, before being released on bail. Many might remember the threats to members of the Iran national soccer team, and their families, after they protested at last year’s World Cup by not singing the national anthem, at their first game.

The second example pertains to what is happening at the Tehran metro station. Women are protesting by not wearing the hijab. Videos show black veiled women warning women who are not wearing a hijab. Tehran has formed a special security unit preventing women, not wearing a hijab, from passing through ticket gates.

“We will proceed according to the country’s laws in this regard. Our first step is issuing notices, then we issue warnings to the unveiled [women], and in the third stage we prevent them from entering the metro stations.”

However the regime may think differently, this is far from over.

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