Edmonton has a rabid hockey fan base. It is now the playoffs. There are a number of fans who follow the Edmonton Oilers, on the road, during playoff time. The Oilers are now in round two, against the Vegas Golden Knights.

The, Gary Bettman led, NHL announced the schedule for the first two games, in Vegas, on Tuesday morning. Edmonton was schedule to play in Vegas Wednesday and Friday. Rabid fan base as Edmonton is, many fans, on Tuesday morning, purchased tickets and arranged for flights and hotels for the two games. Travelling to see Oilers play is great. Being in Vegas, extra bonus.

Well, the NHL then screwed everything up. After fans made all their arrangements, the NHL decided to change the Friday night game to Saturday night. So what? One extra night in sin city. Bonus. Nope. Fans are now scrambling to find hotel rooms for Saturday night. Anyone who has stayed, in Vegas, knows that the cost of hotel rooms, on Saturday night, are ridiculously high. That is, if you are even lucky to find a room. Flights have to be rebooked to Sunday. Again, costs of Sunday flights leaving Vegas are exorbitant.

There are a few fans who have chosen to go back on Saturday anyway. Here you are, spending a ton of money to support your team for two roads and you will only see one. You might not see the second game on tv even because your plane will be flying while the game is on.

I can understand the shedding of crocodile tears. If you have the money to go to Vegas to watch hockey games, so what. But still, the NHL could have handled this much better.

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