Oh Rudy!

Sourced from the Telegraph Website

The woman on the left is Noelle Dunphy. Her website describes her as follows,

A graduate of Columbia University, Noelle Ashley Dunphy is a business owner and published writer. She has worked in business development for more than 20 years. In 2001, she interned in finance and earned a B.A. degree from Columbia College of Columbia University in New York.

The website describes her as being seen with a number of political figures, having won a number of awards and being a board member of the Mommys Heart Foundation, which fights domestic violence. Her website closes off with the following statement,

She always plays herself, an All-American Girl-Next-Door.

She has filed a lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani, totalling $10 million, in damages and unpaid wages. The lawsuit is accompanied by a 70 page complaint, which contains the following statements,

“He often demanded oral sex while he took phone calls on speaker phone from high-profile friends and clients, including then-President Trump. Giuliani told Ms Dunphy that he enjoyed engaging in this conduct while on the telephone because it made him ‘feel like Bill Clinton’.”

The complaint also stated that Rudy would go an alcohol fuelled rants making racist and anti-sematic remarks. The complaint stated that Giuliani often forced Dunphy to work in a bikini and wear shorts with an American flag Dunphy was hired and promised to be paid $1 million per year, but she only received $12,000.

To top all this off, the complaint states that Rudy told,

“her that he was selling pardons for $2 million, which he and President Trump would split”.

She claims that former Rudy associate Lev Parnas, now in jail for fraud, was present for that conversation and she has tapes of other conversations which support a number of her other claims.

Rudy’s lawyer, of course, vehemently deny these claims..

Democrats are jumping for joy over these allegations. A former Rudy advisor, now in the DeSantis circle stated, on MSNBC, that he questions some of the claims. He stated that Rudy was never known to be racist or anti-sematic. Some of the claims made in the complaint do not mesh with the Rudy he knew. He also alleged that Dunphy has made sexual harrassment claims before.

The harassment aside, the complaint’s statement that Rudy was in league with Trump, on selling pardons, is a shocker. To put this in context, Rod Blagojecich was the former Governor of Illinois. Illinois Senator, Barak Obama, vacated his seat to become President. Blagojevich had the authority to appoint a new Senator. He was caught in a ‘pay to play’ plot. In other words he was selling the seat to the highest bidder. He was impeached and arrested and eventually sentenced to 14 years. He served eight years before his sentence was commuted in 2020 by none other than Donald Trump.

This whole thing, as with everything else involving Rudy and Donnie. Let’s just see what happens.

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