Attribution to Sergey Kustov

Contrails are vapour trails produced by aircraft engine exhaust. Not according to conspiracy theorists. In reality, they claim these are chemtrails that contain a mix of chemicals that manipulate the weather to keep rain away and to cause climate change.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a weather person. To me it seemed like a fun job, safe and no worries. Right. It seems that meteorologists have become the latest target of conspiracy theorists. Some examples below.

Spain has been going through a severe drought. A meteorologist there, posted an innocent tweet of an image of rainclouds hitting Europe but missing Spain and captioned it by saying ‘rain skips Spain’. She was stunned by all the angry tweets, with one tweet saying,

“They dry us up, and you are the spokesperson for those who do it.”

Yep, the weather girl did it. Meteorologists are increasing being harassed by these loons. During a heat wave in Australia meteorologists were being accused of inflating temperature records to make things look worse. During Britain’s heat wave, last Summer, an executive of the Royal Meteorological Society stated,

“As scientists communicated this information, they were accused of instigating a nanny state hysteria,” 

They must have Fox Entertainment over there. Nanny state is a well-used phrase on Fox.

The following two quotes are from US meteorologists,

“Whenever I posted about global topics, like the yearly temperature report, the comments section would be filled with political jabs and conspiracy theories,”

“I receive almost daily verbal declarations of my ignorance and climate alarmism,

In my home province of Alberta, we have just gone through an unusual May heat wave resulting in a horrific early fire season and a smoke shrouded province, for days. However, conspiracy theorists claimed that the fires were set by the NDP, to make the ruling UCP look bad, ahead of the upcoming provincial election.

The worrisome part is that these loonies vote and they procreate. Enjoy your Saturday.

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