Mixed Blessings

Attribution to me

Sunday morning Not yet 8:00. Beautiful sky. Just a bit of haze. High today will be around 80 F or around 27 C.

One week ago, this picture would have shown a smoke shrouded sky. We did get a day of rain after our Victoria Day weekend and the smoke cleared away. Having in Edmonton for near 24 years now, our summers have gotten warmer, winters milder and growing seasons a bit longer. We are in a way reaping the benefits of climate change. Climate change is more noticeable in Northern climes, just ask anyone living in the Arctic and they will tell you.

In the years I have been here, we usually have somewhat dry, if not cool months of May, followed by damp coolish Junes. Our Summers, in the past, took off in July and we would have the occasion over 86 F (30 C) days. However things are changing.

Our normal high for the next two weeks averages near 68 F (20 C). Our cool days for the last two weeks and the next two weeks would be our normal highs, based on historical records. In other words, it is going to stay hot. Furthermore, our two-week forecast, which would bring us to mid-June, is calling for only one day with a good possibility of rain. This is going to affect our farmers and, guaranteed, will bring back those smoky skies.

Is climate change happening? Definitely. Do climate change deniers still exist. Yes. Even up here in this Northern clime. I am concerned about what my kids and grandkids will face because of our inaction.

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