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Attribution to Mdf – Own work

Just a brief chirp today. I am sure everyone has been frustrated, at one time or other, with a cell phone autocorrect feature. You want to say one thing and the autocorrect changes it to a completely different meaning. T-shirts and coffee cups and other items are on the shelf, with the phrase ‘it’s never duck’.

Apple has announced that, this Autumn, the IOS 17 operating system will have an autocorrect feature that will temporarily underline words that have been changed by autocorrect. A user can quickly change the word back to the original word. The autocorrect feature will soon recognize that the original word you want to use is the actual word. The autocorrect feature will then stop changing that word.

As a result, the texting world will see a noticeable decrease in the word duck and its variations, in the future. At least on my cell phone.

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