There are times when people want something so bad, that they just get sucked in. Many, if not all of Donnie’s Trumpkins are like that. They will believe anything that Donnie and his acolytes on Fox entertainment spews out even if there is not a shed of truth spoken. The best example is the election fraud lies. So many conspiracy theories generated by Donnie, Rudy, Sydney Powell and others.

However, those of us who want Trump to be held accountable are guilty of this, at times, also. There is a tweet rampaging through the Twitterverse, over the past 12 hours, supposedly issues by Trump on his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Meadows testified before Jack Smith’s Grand Jury a couple of days back. Smith has been very secretive during the entire Trump investigation process. There have been no leaks as to what Meadows said, in front of the Grand Jury. Yet, this supposed tweet by Trump, came out last night.

“When Mark Meadows came crawling to me with tears in his eyes, saying sir I need a job please help me. I felt very sorry for him. I knew he was strongly hated by most of his fellow Congressional Republicans, but I had just fired my previous chief of staff, like a dog, so I decided to have Mark audition for the job, apprentice style.”

The tweet, which was in all caps, went on to say that Meadows had turned on him. The problem though is that the tweet is fake. People like Joe Scarborough, of MSNBC and former January 6 Committee Member, Adam Kinzinger, commented on and forwarded the tweet. Their retweets remained until they found out the Trump tweet was fake. Even now, the Trump fake tweet is being spread as accepted truth on Twitter.

Those of us who want Trump indicted for the cases pursued by Smith have to be patient. It is going to come but we all have to be wary of getting burned in our desire for this to happen.

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