Key Difference

A short chirp today Donald Trump keeps complaining about classified documents found at locations related to Mike Pence and Joe Biden. Trump keeps saying ‘why aren’t they charged? – double standard’ Here is the thing. National Archives noticed back in 2021 that Presidential records relating to Trump were missing. National Archives requested a number of times that these records be returned. On January 17, 2022, Trump’s team handed over 15 boxes of documents to National Archives. The Trump team said that these were all the documents that Trump had.

The indictment, last week, did not include any charges on the 15 boxes of material that the Trump team had returned. The charges all related to the additional documents that Trump kept. Pence and Biden voluntarily returned all classified document that were found in locations related to them. If Trump had returned ALL the documents that he had, there would have been no charges and no indictment. That is the key difference between Trump and Pence/Biden.

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