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Sourced from NBC News

Fox Entertainment is in the process of reaching another out of court settlement. This time it is with former Fox Senior Producer, Abby Grossberg. While at Fox, she was, for a time, a booking producer for Tucker Carlson’s show. She had filed two lawsuits. One lawsuit alleged that she had been manipulated to give false testimony at the Dominion Voting Systems trial.

“Based on what I understood and took away from the deposition preparation sessions I had with Fox’s legal team which were coercive and intimidating … I felt that I had to do everything possible to avoid becoming the ‘star witness’ for Dominion or else I would be seriously jeopardizing my career at Fox News and would be subjected to worse terms and conditions of employment than male employees as I understood it.”

The second lawsuit related to her allegations of a misogynistic culture at Fox. According to Grossberg, she experienced rampant sexism, at Fox. What made it worse, for Fox, was that she had a number of recordings backing her claims.

Fox decided to take the same route with Grossberg that they did with Dominion. Rather than have a highly publicized trial where Fox’s dirty laundry would be on stage, for the world to see, they will be paying out a huge amount and make the whole thing go away. The terms of the settlement has not yet been reached.

Fox is not in the clear ye, they are still facing a $2.7 billion lawsuit filed by Smartmatic.


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