Anyone Else!

This is Reality Winner. Back in 2017, she leaked an intelligence report from the NSA to a media outlet. The report was on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The report indicated that Russian hackers had accessed voter registration rolls. Winner was arrested. She was denied bail twice. She was sentenced to five years and three months. She was released in 2021.

The audiotape of Donald Trump discussing and showing a classified document detailing an invasion plan of Iran was broadcast on media last night. This is a highly classified document. Trump showed this document to a writer and two staffers who definitely did not have security clearance. This is a document that countries would kill for, or pay millions of dollars for. This is a document that Trump waved around at his Bedminster golf course. This is a document that Trump clearly stated was classified and that he could not declassify because he was no longer President. This was a document that he brandished around as part of a dinner conversation.

If it was ANYONE ELSE but Trump (yes, I was yelling the ‘anyone else’) that perpetrator would be in jail right now, denied bail. That perpetrator would also be facing an extremely long prison sentence, hands down. There are two levels of justice and Trump is currently reaping the benefits of it, simply by being able to walk around free without any concern for bail. Let’s hope he gets the prison sentence he deserves.

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