Ironic Hypocrisy

I was going to label this chirp ‘irony’ or ‘hypocrites’. Decided to combine both into one appropriate title.

The Republican Party in the US is supposed to be the party of small government. They say that government should be involved as little as possible. Really?! They are involved in women’s reproductive health. They want to decide what books can be read or should be banned. This is for libraries and schools, for example. They want to have control; as to what should be taught, in schools, right up to university level. They want to be involved as to who should read books to kids. Better be dressed the right way. They want to control who you want to express yourself, your gender. They want to eliminate anything that is ‘woke’ whatever that means. So I just want to call BS on this whole small government thing.

But. Buuutttt. They do not want to have governments involved in one thing. I will give them that. Of course, that one thing would be the control of guns. as I chirp this, there were two more mass shootings last night. Three shot dead in Fort Worth and five in Philadelphia. That makes over 360 mass shootings for the year, which averages about two per day.

I think the title for this chirp is quite appropriate.

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