Blind Loyalty

“I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in broad daylight and I wouldn’t lose a single supporter”

We all know who said that. the frightening thing is, it is most likely true.

Lindsay Graham got elected to the US congress in 1995. He represented his district for four terms. He became a Senator in 2002. He has represented South Carolinians for 28 years and counting. Yet at a Trump rally, 15 miles from his birthplace, he was mercilessly booed as he attempted to introduce Donald Trump at another Trumpkin rally.

Lindsay Graham has been called, justifiably so, a Trump toady. Once, a long-time friend of John McCain (who had no love for Trump, after McCain died, Graham became Trump’s best buddy. A superficial buddy because the only true friend that Trump has and is loyal to is himself. Graham is a frequent golf partner of Trump and is one of the chief defenders of Trump.

So why did he get booed off the stage in his home state? Because he has dared to level a few criticisms against the Trumpkin’s God, in the past. In 2022 he questioned Trump calling Putin a ‘genius’ shortly after the invasion of Ukraine. How could Lindsay do that. Then Lindsay said the following traitorous thing on the dear leader this year regarding the classified documents investigation.

“I’m not justifying his behavior. If it were up to me, nobody would take classified information in their garage or Mar-a-Lago.”

Graham, in making that remark, made criticisms of both Trump and Biden, but all the Trumpkins remembered was the criticism of Trump.

You would not be wrong if you see similarities between the trumpkins of today and the fanatical supporters of Hitler in the 1930’s. Jason Stanley a Yale University Professor puts it best.

“Fascism is based on power, loyalty, and fear of the other. The fascist leader is infallible.”

If you look at the Republican Presidential Primary candidates, you will see how most of them are dancing around the elephant in the room, that being Trump. Those who have outright challenged him, such as Chris Christie, are at basement-level polling numbers. Ron DeSantis, who is trying to out-Trump Trump is still in second place but even his polling numbers have decreased as he has begun to lightly criticize Trump. Notice that when he does criticize Trump, he is not actually naming Trump, but implying that he is talking about Trump.

How deep is the fanatic loyalty to Trump? He called his Trumpkins to turn out on January 6. We all remember what happened that day. Imagine what could have happened, that day, if Secret Service Agents had yielded to Trump and driven him to the Capitol. We could have been in a far different world today.

The biggest threat to American democracy, today, could very well be from within America.

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