Squeeze Play

Attribution to Kremlin.ru

Back in February 2022, Putin decided to invade Ukraine. He thought he had it made. His friend, Donald Trump, had weakened NATO, with his constant badgering and dismissiveness of NATO. Putin had already gotten away with invading Georgia, when Bush was in power, and, Crimea, when Obama was President. He had taken more land, in eastern Ukraine, when Trump was in power. There was a comedian, in power, in Ukraine. Furthermore, according to his friend, Tucker Carlson, the US current had a President that was a bumbling old fool. I still remember the day that Russia had a line of tanks on the main road to Kyiv. I also remember, in the early days of the invasion, Trump congratulating Putin, on his genius. Easy-peasy.

The comedian, Zelensky, united Ukraine into patriotic fervour. The bumbling fool, Biden, unified NATO and unified the West into imposing sanctions on Russia and sending arms and supplies to Ukraine. Instead of NATO bowing meekly to Putin, NATO added another country, Finland, to its organization. Finland has an 800-mile border with Russia. Turkey has been a wishy-washy friend of Putin, during this conflict. Turkish leader, Erdogan, said he would never approve Finland into NATO. He eventually did. Erdogan said he would never allow Sweden into NATO. After high-stakes negotiation, involving Biden, the last few days, Erdogan has given approval for Sweden to join NATO. Additional border land with Russia.

NATO, thanks in large part to Biden, is stronger, and more united, than it has ever been. US national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, put it this way,

“Every few months, the question is called: Can the West hang together? Can NATO hang together? Every time allies gather, that question gets re-upped, and every time the allies come together and answer it forcefully and vehemently: Yes we can.”

Another bad day, for Putin, in a string of bad days.

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