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This of course is Jim Jordan. Though he has been also referred to as gym Jordan, but that is a chirp for another day. He is a member of the Freedom Caucus. The freedom Caucus are a group of far-right Republicans including a cast of loons such as Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG), Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz and Andy Gibbs. They were borne from the tea party movement, after Obama became President in 2008 and have been a united thorn ever since. They have been blamed for driving two Republican House Speakers crazy and out of their Speakership, the pair being John Boehner and Paul Ryan. Boehner is now making millions promoting cannabis. My, my.

The Freedom Caucus were responsible for the 15 vote embarrassment that eventually resulted in a Kevin McCarthy Speakership. The 40 member Freedom Caucus literally became the power broker of the slim majority Republican House.

Sadly, for them, things have changed and no one should be surprised. The splinters became visible when MTG was kicked out of the Freedom Caucus for supporting Kevin McCarthy in his debt ceiling agreement with President Biden. But is far more splintered than that. Insiders say that these members, all with big egos have their own ideas is which way the group should go and they end up going in 100 different directions. This brings back Nancy Pelosi’s infamous quote of ‘herding cats’.

Two prominent members of the group Chip Roy, of Texas, and Ken Buck, of Colorado, initially did not support Trump and his January 6 insurrection. Roy almost left the Freedom Caucus. But he was talked back in. However, both have gone in different ways from majority Freedom Caucus Members.

Most Freedom Caucus Members do not like Kevin McCarthy. Another known supporter of McCarthy and a co-leader of the Freedom Caucus is Jim Jordan. Jordan is also a supporter of McCarthy. Jordan has been on his own high-wire act in the past few months. There are splinter group meetings now because some members do not trust others. Some are actually predicting that the Freedom Caucus will eventually fall apart. The worrisome thing is, though, what will rise up from the ashes.

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