What Will It Take?

Sourced from CNN website – Peter Lang/BC Wildfire Service

It is going to be 117 degrees fahrenheit in Phoenix, Arizona today. They are well on their way to breaking a record of 18 straight days with over 110 degree temperatures. They have seen a night under 90 degrees for a week and they won’t for another week. That is abnormal, even for Phoenix. Rome, Italy will see over 100 degree temperatures, for three days running, nearing 110 on one of those days. A town just south of the Arctic Circle, in Canada, had a temperature of near 100 a few days back. Globally we saw the three hottest days ever this week. In my neck of the world we hade an extremely warm may, a smoke shrouded, Victoria Day weekend, a watrm June and now a warm July. the only reason it has not been a hot july is because of the smoke shrouding are skies. as I do this chirp the windows are closed, the AC on and I will be indoors for at least a couple of days.

Canada has had the worst wildfire season EVER. Our neighbours to the South know this, because they are getting our smoke. New York City a couple of weeks ago got it big time. As I chirp this today, wildfire smoke is making a return to the US upper plains and Midwest. It is only the middle of July, folks.

My question to the climate change deniers is what will it take for you to finally accept that it is happening? Honestly. What will it take? How many more strings of once in a thousand year events will it take to convince you. Vermont went through one of those events last week when it basically got flooded out. It is happening right in front of us and yet there are deniers. All I got for today.

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