Disgusting Human Being

The news media, except for Fox entertainment, had day long coverage of the Trump target letter, relating to January 6. There were other events happening. One of these events was a House Oversight Committee hearing to investigate, as per Republican Chairman, James Comer, ‘the Biden family’s influence-peddling schemes’. The Republicans all focused on Hunter Biden entering a plea deal over charges of failing to pay income tax and illegal possession of a firearm. The Republicans are claiming that Hunter Biden received favourable treatment from the Department of Justice (DOJ). They even brought in two IRS ‘whistleblowers’ to testify in support of this claim. That is fine. Nothing will result from this, but they have the right to do so.

Then comes Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG). This is a live hearing, carried on C-SPAN and parts of it carried on Fox She began showing censored naked pictures of Hunter Biden with women, these supposedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop. This is during a congressional hearing. During her time MTG stated,

“What’s even more troubling to me is that the Department of Justice has brought no charges against Hunter Biden that will vindicate the rights of these women.”

The reaction, as expected, was pretty swift. House Member Robert Garcia, tweeted,

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is literally showing dick pics at our Oversight Hearing.”

Journalist Aaron Rupar, tweeted,

“Marjorie Taylor Greene is currently brandishing Hunter Biden nudes during a House hearing. I’m not going to post it. Disgusting. Your taxpayer dollars paid for Marjorie Taylor Greene to print Hunter Biden nudes on poster board so she could pull this stunt during a House hearing.”

Meanwhile, the Lincoln Project tweeted,

“The GOP is getting teachers fired for teaching sex ed while the GOP shows porn on the House floor.”

MTG, since coming to congress, has set a pretty low bar, for herself. This was far beyond that, even for her. This will come back on her. Any pictures of her conducting extramarital affairs are now fair game. She has also opened herself to legal liability. It is a crime to show pornographic pictures of a person, without their permission. She will most definitely be sued by Hunter Biden. Marjorie, you are despicable.

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