Traffic Jam

Attribution to Los Angelas Daily News

This is a picture of a traffic jam in Los Angelas in 1953. Have not really improved much, if at all, in LA over the last 70 years. In fact, it has gotten more congested. There is another traffic jam occurring relating to Donald Trump. Furthermore, just like LA, it is getting more congested, as time goes on.

Donald Trump was indicted for the hush money payments. The trial, for that case, is scheduled to be held, in New York, in March 2024. Trump is facing a follow-up trial relating to the E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit, in January 2024. The Trump Mar-a-Lago documents trial was set for December of this year. Judge Aileen Cannon is currently determining whether that date is too early. She may push the trial date back, but she won’t delay past the November 2024 Presidential election date, which Trump desires. Trump just received a target letter from Jack Smith relating to the January 6 insurrection. He will be indicted relating to that investigation, either this week or next week. That trial will likely be in Washington. Smith will want that trial before November 2024. There will likely be one more indictment, next month, in relation to the Georgia fake electors investigation, highlighted by Trump’s perfect call.

That is five trials in three different states along with the District of Columbia. Trump will need lawyers for all these trials. Trump is already having trouble getting lawyers. He has a bad habit of not paying them and getting them in legal troubles. Just ask, Rudy, John Eastman and Sidney Powell. The prosecution, in all these cases want the trials before the November 2024 election. If that comes to pass, which I doubt, when would Trump have time to campaign. The only trial he will not have to be present for, is the E. Jean Carroll trial. The others he would have to attend.

A couple of these trials will happen before November 2024. trump will try to delay and delay. But he won’t be able to push all of them beyond November 2024. Even if he wins, and even if he delays all the trials, the state trials in New York and Georgia would likely still proceed. Time will tell.

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