When I was a kid living up in Northern Ontario there was not much to watch on tv on Sunday mornings. This was before cable, so the few channels available primarily had televangelist programs. The main theme that I remembered was ‘praise God – send money’. Many years later, flipping through channels, you land on a televangelist program and things have not changed.

Donald Trump would have been a model televangelist. He has the morals of many of them. He is great at fleecing his followers for everything they got. Every time a new issue comes up, he begs for money. this guy is supposedly a billionaire, yet he keeps asking for money. Also, like many televangelists it is questionable as to what the donated money is used for. Jim and Tammy Faye come to mind.

It is now reported that Trump’s Leadership PAC, where most of this money raised comes from small donations, has spent $40 million on Trump’s legal expenses. Now a rational Trump supporter (is that possible?) would probably question why their donation is being used to pay off the legal fees of a supposed billionaire, rather than being used for political campaigns. But you can throw rational out the window, in this case. This may be harsh, but these people are suckers just like those who donate money to rich televangelists.

All I got.

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