Feels Like Christmas

Sourced from Pride of Detroit website Attrribution to Junfu Han/USE Today Network

This is a me chirp. Some days do feel like Christmas. More troubles for Donald Trump yesterday. Regarding the Mar-a-Lago documents case, it came out yesterday that there are tapes of Trump talking to his lawyers about hiding the documents and telling the authorities that there are no documents to hand over. Can anyone say, ‘dead duck’. He was on a conservative host radio show yesterday saying that he is looking forward to testifying in the January 6 case. That gave me a good laugh because we all know he won’t He just won’t.

The Detroit Lions are playing the season-opener against the Super Bowl champs, Kansas City, tonight. This is the first time ever that the Lions have played a season-opener prime time game. The hype around them this year is greater than it has ever been in my lifetime and that has been a long freaking lifetime. There are going to be some kneecaps knocked this year. You have to be an NFL fan to understand the meaning of that.

Finally, when I was in Kelowna earlier this year, Edmonton’s only all sports station went off the air. The gutless owners had to do it when I was out of town. Now, this week, we have two sports stations. My favorite morning show is back and one of my texts, about my Lions, of course, was read on the air, under the handle Richard Bird.

Life is good.

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    Congratulations Richard bird❤️

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