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I am not a fan of Aaron Rodgers. He is arrogant. He asked for a trade from Green Bay because he felt he was too good for the team. He was upset with some of the Green Bay front office moves, which he felt did not benefit the team or himself. Whatever.

as a Detroit Lions fan, I kept getting sick sand tired of him beating the Matthew Stafford led Lions all the time, especkially the Thanksgiving day games. I still remember the one prime time game where he broke Lions fans’ hearts by tossing a hail mary touchdown pass at the end of the game and the Detroit Lions radio announcer going “OH NO!!”. Bitter pill to swallow. The Lions got sweet revenge last year with a Jared Goff lead team beating Green Bay, at their home in the last game of the year to knock Green Bay out of the playoffs. What was even sweeter was Kerby Joseph intervepting Rodgers to end Green Bay’s season.

So, Rodgers got traded to the Jets. The trade included a switch of first round picks this year and a conditional pick next year. If Rodgers were to play 60% or more of Jets games thids years, the Packers would receive a first round pick. If less than 60%, a second round pick. Rodgers, to his credit, renegotiated his contract with the Jets. He is still getting a guaranteed $75 million, not too shabby. The cap hit for this year is only just under $9 million, giving the Jets cap room to build around Rodgers. The Jets were all in for this year. However, two years, from now, that cap hit is over $51 million.

So what does Rodgers do. On his fourth play of the game he injures his achilles tendon and he is out for the year. Possibly, it could be a career ending injury. This is not the way he should go out. As a Lions fan, I take no solace in his injury. I would rather he had played a full season and have a season where his age caught up with him. A season where he had to swallow his arrogance. Now that won’t happen. The Jets lose their first round pick next year, getting a second round instead. They will now have to rely on Zach Wilson as their QB. Wilson had had a checkered career with the Jets though he did beat the Bills last night.

Having said that, I wish him well and I do hope he comes back to play next year.

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