Loons Are Out

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Do you remember back, in January, when Kevin McCarthy had to swallow his pride and dignity to the right-wing extremists to get his long-desired Speakership, on the 15th vote. He gave away the store to the extremists. Concessions were made the full details of which never were released. There was one well known concession that came out. Only One Republican need make a resolution that McCarthy ‘vacate’, that is, be removed from his Speakership position. Once that resolution is made, the House must vote on it. Potential clown show.

Somehow McCarthy survived the spending bill battle earlier this year, when he was outmaneuvered in negotiations with President Biden, earlier this year. Now a new budget has to be approved by the end of September or funding stops and the government shuts down. This situation has happened in the past where the government has been pushed to the brink and then the adults in the room take over. At times the September 30 deadline is passed, but short-term stop-gap measures are put in place for government funding to continue.

Then again, when Trump was President, obviously not being an adult, the Government did shut down, before Christmas, and did not open until January. This time around, with a whole bunch of children, on the Republican side, Matt Gaetz is demanding that no stop-gap measure be put in place. Rather, he wants a bunch of individual spending bills passed. Of course, these individual bills would strip away all the initiatives that Biden has put in place the last two years, such as the Inflation Reduction Act. Gaetz threatens that if McCarthy does not put individual spending bills to the floor,

“Do these things or face a motion to vacate the chair.” 

There we have it. September 30 is only two weeks away. McCarthy is desperate to keep his Speakership. What is he going to do? Will he try to work out some deal with the House Democrats? If Gaetz files a resolution for McCarthy to ‘vacate’ his Speakership, will the Democrats vote to keep him in? Or will they let him be voted out. If McCarthy is voted out before September 30, without a budget passed, an ugly circus will unfold with the children holding the majority, in the house. No budget passed, the Government shutdown and pandemonium.

What a freaking gong show. Also, in the midst of this, McCarthy is starting an impeachment process on Biden. A chirp for another day.

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