Bit nervous today. Going to be doing a reading tonight at a Parents/Teachers/Children’s meeting tonight. So, there will be a number of people there. First reading in front of a number of adults. Usually, it is in front of kids and a teacher and/or librarian.

Had a few school readings in the spring and a few more coming up. The grade twos can be a tough crowd. Most memorable moment, after the reading, one kid during question period said “you are old!”. Another kid guessed my age at 89. Thanks a lot kid.

Touching moment was a few days after a reading, a grade two teachers had her class right thank you letters for my readings. A number of kids came up with their own funny words in their letters.

Have had a couple of book signings and now have books on the shelves of two stores and two more stores in a couple of weeks, one of those stores being in Ontario.

Online sales need to be worked on. Will see how that goes. If you are looking to make money, writing books, go ask Steven King. Enjoy your day.

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