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The Kansas Chiefs played a late afternoon game, on Sunday, against the Chicago Bears. The game was a farce. Kansas City killed Chicago 41-10. But that was not the main story. The main story was that Taylor Swift was at the game. She was watching her possibly new beau, Kansas City superstar tight end, Travis Kelce. She was watching it with the mother of Travis.

The game, while a clunker was the most watched NFL game of the week. It was also the highest rated game for women 12-17, 18-34 and 18-49.

Most NFL jerseys sell for $130. Kelce’s jersey, before Sunday, sells for $175. His jersey sales, since Sunday (this is only Wednesday, has skyrocketed 400%. Kelce’s Instagram followers have jumped up by 325,000, since Sunday He now has Three million followers.

Taylor Swift also has declared her dislike for Donald Trump and supports pro-choice. Travis Kelce is a big booster of vaccines. Soi, you know where this is going. Here is just a sample.

Turning Point USA founder, Charlie Kirk,

“What will break Kelce’s heart first? The COVID shot or Taylor Swift?”

Commentator Tomi Lahren, commenting on Kelce’s vaccine stance,

 “Is this what happens when you date Taylor Swift?”

Then you have former Fox Sports commentator, Clay Travis,

“Travis Kelce is doing Bud Light and Covid shot commercials. He needs to fire all his marketing agents. Or he needs to just go ahead and cut his dick off, become a chick, and endorse Joe Biden.”

So, the Republicans are attacking both NFL fans and women of voting age and they hope to win elections. Good move, Republicans. Some advice for Kelve though. Treat her good or you are going to end up in a song.

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