So the question is, did Kevin McCarthy grow a pair on Saturday? After being threatened all week by Matt Gaetz and his ilk, resembling a cat fight similar to the Lauren Boebert-Marjorie Taylor Greene catfight, Kevin said ‘enough was enough’. He put in a proposal, that did not even come close to what the hard-liners wanted. It passed, with more Democrats, than Republicans, voting for it.

Matt Gaetz, on the day after, is saying that when the House opens on Monday, that he will put in a motion for McCarthy to be ousted as House Speaker. Because of McCarthy’s desire to be House Speaker, back in January, McCarthy, at that time, agreed to a proposal that only one person need to make such a motion. So, come tomorrow, there will likely be a vote to oust McCarthy. McCarthy, sick and tired of the whole thing, is saying ‘bring it on’.

So, what do the Democrats do now? If McCarthy is ousted, who will the Republicans submit to replace him. Anyone they propose, if all Democrats vote against, will not succeed, given how divided the Republicans are. In essence, the Democrats will be kingmakers. Will they vote to keep McCarthy in? Will they let the Republicans just continue an overall squabble for all to see? What concessions will they demand to support whoever the Republicans propose? The soap opera continues.

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