Trump Org. Trial

The Trump org. trial begins today. Trump has indicated that he will show up. Trump and his three oldest kids have been called as witnessers by the prosecution. Trump has received permission to delay his deposition in his $500 million lawsuit against Michael Cohen (breach of contract) to attend this trial. Cohen has indicated that Trump is afraid to be deposed, in that lawsuit, because he would have to tell the truth. That lawsuit is worthy of a separate chirp, in itself.

With regard to the trial today, the Judge already issued a ruling, last week, that Trump and kids are liable for ‘persistent and repeated’ fraud by,

“inflating assets on financial statements to get better terms on commercial real estate loans and insurance policies.”

Attorney General Leticia James is asking for $250 million in damages. As a result of the ruling, last week, the judge now will have to decide the amount of damages Trump org. will pay. It is possible that the $250 million might be the low end. With the ruling, the judge canceled the business certifications of the Trump org entities. This means the Trump org. can no longer do business in New York. A receiver will also be put in place to dissolves Trump entity properties in New York. As per former US attorney, Glen Kirschner,

“This is such an across-the-board loss . . . that I’m sure there will be appeals, but it’s hard to see how this doesn’t spell the end of Donald Trump the businessman in New York.” 

Trump has always prided himself to be a successful businessman, despite all the bankruptcies. This trial will reveal him to be the fraud he is.

So with this ruling, why is this trial still going. There are specific issues still to be looked at, including insurance fraud, conspiracy and falsifying business records. Trump was deposed, ahead of this trial, a number of months ago. When question, he took the 5th amendment 451 times. The only questioned he answered was his name. This is a civil trial. There will be no criminal charges laid, no matter what results. Unfortunately, it won’t be televised either.

This is just the beginning of Trump’s trials of trials. He has the four indictment trials plus the E. Jean Carroll trial in January. Good times.

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