Attribution to Hamas – Own work

I will be the first to admit that the complexities of the entire Israeli/Palestinian situation is way above my pay grade. At this point in time, there is no viable solution. Some have suggested move all the Palestinians to other Arab countries. First of all the other Arab countries do not have the infrastructure. Second such a suggestion would be similar to telling all the Irish Protestants in Northern Ireland to move to England. End of story.

Hamas is a terrorist organization. Their goal is the destruction of Israel. Two weeks ago today, Hamas terrorists infiltrated, en masse, into Israel. They employed tactics similar to ISIS. They set fire to houses where people were huddled in bomb shelters. Those trapped in the shelters had two choices. Either stay trapped in the burning house, or, escape and be gunned down as they fled. I can go into more graphic detail, but I won’t. I leave myself open to the retort ‘well look what Israel has done to Palestinians over the years’. Fair enough. But this is about Hamas.

Hamas leaders knew full well that Israel would take its revenge. So far, over 1,300 Israelis have died since the Hamas attack. That far exceeds the worst death toll inflicted on Israel, at one time, since Israel was formed, in 1948. It is fair to say that almost every Israeli knows someone who died or was injured since this begin. To also put it fairly, Israel is pissed in a way they never have been, even more so than when Israelis were killed during the 1972 Olympics. Right now, they want blood.

Hamas knew all this. They knew. Israel has vowed to destroy Hamas. Many, in the Gaza Strip do not support what Hamas has done. However, many in the Gaza strip have died from the air attacks Israel has already launched. Far many more may die once Israel launches its ground invasion of the Gaza Strip.

Hamas knew about the collateral damage that would be inflicted on the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip. They went ahead anyways. Israel has warned the inhabitants to evacuate in advance of the ground invasion. Where can they go. Also, how did Hamas respond? By telling the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip, not to flee.

Collateral damage be dammed. It is likely that a goal of Hamas is to draw other Arab states and organizations, such as Hezbollah, into the conflict. that may happen. The next few days has the potential of opening a Pandora’s box of pain. All I got.

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