What Next?

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Two big uncertainties loom this week. What will happen in Israel and will a Speaker be put in place? Pessimism surrounds both.

Israel has warned over a million people to evacuate the Northern part of Gaza,, given an anticipated ground/sea/air attack. This is logistically impossible. Where will they go? Will the Egyption border open for them? If and when the attack occurs it will be bloody, on both sides. This will be an invasion in an urban area with an elaborate tunnel complex. It will be fighting street by street, tunnel by tunnel. The civilians remaining in Northern Gaza will be in immense danger.

The US has put in place two aircraft carriers in the region as a deterrent to other states and organizations, such as Hezbollah from getting involved in the conflict. It is an ugly situation, and it will get worse.

In the US, 70% of people polled, feel that the Israeli response to the Hamas attack is justified. Only 8% feel it is not justified. 95% of Americans have sympathy for what Israel is going through. 87% of Americans sympathize with what the Palestinian people are and will be going through.

Meanwhile, the Speakership clown show worsens. Steve Scalise has pulled out. An internal vote was held with Gym Jordan winning the majority of Republican vote for speaker. However, 55 Republicans voted against him. Jordan would need all but 4 Republicans to support him in a full House vote for him to be elected Speaker. This is turning into a shambles and it is influencing Republican favourability.

Time and cross fingers and, if you are so inclined, pray.

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