Today’s Deplorables Awards

We have three winners today. The first goes to Donald Trump who has been practically winning this award on a daily basis. During the Trump Org. fraud trial break yesterday, Trump spoke gto reporters. Already under a gag order prohibiting Trump from talking about court staff, Trump said the following,

(Judge Engeron is) “a very partisan judge, with a person who’s very partisan sitting along side of him, perhaps even much more partisan than he is.”

When the Judge found out about this, he called Trump to the stand and asked Trump, under oath, who Trump was referring to. Trump replied that he was referring to Michael Cohen, who was sitting at the witness stand, at the time Trump was referring to. A law clerk, who Trump previously attacked, resulting in the gag order sits in closer proximity to the Judge than whoever is sitting in the witness stand. The Judge pretty well said that Trump was lying, fined him $10,000 and said any further violations would result in more severe penalties. Trump later stormed out of the courtroom.

The second winner is a new entrant, that being Republican Congresswoman, Virginia Foxx, from North Carolina. Newly expected (Jim Jordan wannabe and gonnabe) Speaker was answering questions from reporters. A number of congressmen were standing behind him at the time. Rachel Scott, a Black ABC reporter, started to ask about Johnson’s role in attempts to overturn the 2020 election. The Republicans behind Johnson started heckling her (should be a shared award here) with 80-year old-White woman Foxx shouting “shut up shut up’. Need I say more.

The third winner is a frequent winner, as well. Sean Hannity was interviewing Nikki Hayley when news broke of the Maine shooting. The only reason I turned to Fox entertainment was to see how they would respond to the shooting. Hannity first said the right things. then he said and I am paraphrasing here,

“The unfortunate thing here is that politics is going to come into play and that is not going to bring these people back.”

After my mouth dropped and quickly turned the channel, I thought,

“But what about the people whose lives can be saved in the future you freaking arsehole”.

Though admittedly I did use variations of the words fraking and arsehole. Three deplorables chosen from a number of legitimate candidates. Later

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