Attribution to Gage Skidmore, Surprise, Arizona

There was a show on HBO a few years back starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus. She was a self-centered scheming narcissist who ended up being chosen as Vice President and eventually became President. It was a comedy. No way such a thing could happen in real life. Well, we are in the era of Trump world where anything can happen and Tucker Carlson being Trump’s pick for Vice President running mate could very well happen. This pro-Putin apologist spoiled rick kid could end up being one heartbeat away from being President. Can you imagine Putin and Carlson being the two supreme leaders of the world.

Here is what Trump said about Carlson,

“I like Tucker a lot. I guess I would consider him. He’s got great common sense.”

Believe it or not, Tucker used to be on CNN. He used to be known for wearing a bow tie. He was on a show with Paul Begala, called ‘Crossfire’. Begala would represent the Left and Carlson the Right. My fondest memory of Tucker was watching ‘Crossfire’ in 2004 when they had Jon Steward as a guest. Stewart who had ‘The Daily Show’ at that time was expected to provide a comedic slant on ythe politics of the day. Carlson started mocking him. Stewart went to town on him making Carlson look like the spoiled pampered preppie that he was. Stewart insulted Carlson for wearing a bow tie and coincidentally (not) Carlson stopped wearing a bow tie soon after. The episode can be seen on YouTube. It is worth the watch.

Well, if things go according to Trump, this spoiled pampered preppie could soon be Veep, one heartbeat away from the Presidency. That possibility scares the crap out of me.

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