Standing Up to Bullies

First official portrait of Jill Biden as First Lady. Photo by Cheriss May

Putin, of Russia, has done his best to intimidate Ukraine and the West in the last few months. Either directly from himself, or, through his mouthpieces, Putin has threatened the use of nuclear weapons and has warned the West of serious immediate consequences, if they dare involve themselves in the conflict through means such as supplying aid to Ukraine. Putin and his cronies were so certain of Ukraine’s capitualtion that one Russian media pundit quipped that Putin would be holding his Victory Day parade in Kyiv.

Has Ukraine cowered to Putin’s bullying? No. Has the West? No. A hard no on both. Jill Biden is the latest dignitary to have visited Ukraine. She was preceded by other US representatives, including House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of Britain has visited Ukraine. Prime Minister Trudeau has recently lead a delegation to Kyiv, that included, Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland and Foreign Affairs Minister, Melanie Joly. While there, the Canadian delegation raised the Maple Leaf at the Canadian embassy, signalling a gradual return of a Canadian diplomatic presence in Ukraine. A number of other NATO leaders have also visited the Ukraine, despite Putin’s bluster.

Instead of cowering to Putin, the West has and continues to support Ukraine with financial, military and humanitarian aid. The West has and will continue to levy harsh sanctions on Putin and his cronies. This bully is being stood up to. Maybe the Republicans could take a few pointers, in their dealings with Donald Trump.

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