You can do Something

These three Republican Senators, over the past couple of days, have been downplaying the possibility of anything being done to address the spate of gun massacres in the US. Texas Governor Abbott put the blame fully on mental health, though the shooter had no official record of mental health issues. The shooter had life issues meaning he probably had mental health issues, but, he had no official record of mental health issues. Many Republicans have blamed video games, violent movies, the turning away from God and mental health. Every freaking country in the world has the same issues, but nowhere close to the same level of gun massacres. Some Republicans are hinting that nothing can be done and Americans will just have to live with it. Many are saying we need to fortify schools. Yeah, good idea. Once schools are fortified, shooters can go to other places like supermarkets (Buffalo), churches (Charleston), Synagogues (Pittsburgh) and day care centres. Great freaking idea. Republicans are saying, we need more armed security at schools. There are already 20,000 armed security resources at schools and the school this week had an armed security person, just like the school in Parkland.

The US does have a couple of things not in common with any other country. Politicians who receive funding from the NRA and the second amendment. Americans have the right to gun ownership but not the right to congregate in places like schools or churches, without fear of getting shot.

Despite what these politiians say, things can be done like background checks with the records permanently kept. The sad part is, even if America comes to its senses, there is already too many guns out there. That barn door is already open and the horses are galloping out.

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