He Did Lose

Kellyanne Conway, she of the alternative facts, has admitted, in her book, that the orange haired guy lost the election. She wrote that she may have been the first person, in Trump’s inner circle, to tell him that he lost. Conway criticized those who tried to “suck up” to Trump by going along with his delusion. According to Conway, Trump should have been confronted hard that he did, indeed, lose the election. She also critized the transition to Biden, saying that if Trump had undertook a smooth transition, it would have added to his legacy.

How did Trump handle Conway’s claims? Well, he denied that Conway told him that he lost. Trump added that if Conway had told him, Trump would have fired her right away, because she was wrong and that she could go back to her “crazy husband”. What is it going to take for Trump and Trumpers to accept reality? There was no massive fraud. Biden won. So many people in Republican circles are saying “no fraud – Trump lost”, such as Conway, Barr, Romney and so on. Let’s move on.

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