NRA Convention

I really intended to cover some Canadian content this week, and I will, but the horror at Uvalde keeps haunting me, angering me

The National Rifle Association (NRA) was chartered in 1871. William Conant Church, pictured above, was one of the founders and became the NRA president in 1872. The NRA was largely non partisan until the 1970’s, with the main focus on sportsmen, hunters and target shooters. The organization has since become strongly aligned with the Republican party and has become a player in politics. The NRA has made major election contributions to numerous Republican candidates, as well as, a smattering of pro gun Democrat candidates.

The NRA has not had their annual convention in the last two years but are holding it this year, in Houston, on the same week and 300 miles east Uvalde where 19 kids and two teachers were slaughtered. There are a number of protests being held in Houston rallying against the NRA convention. It is interesting to note that while the top NRA officials are strongly anti gun control, the general membership are not as virulent. That being said, the NRA convention is the celebration of strong gun rights with a full display of all types of guns.

Speakers at the NRA convention, while acknowledging the Uvalde massacre are blaming the slaughter on everything except the most obvious. They are calling for armed teachers, locked doors, hardened school buildings, more shooter evacuation training for little kids. They are blaming mental health, turning away from God, video games, everything except the most obvious. They cannot acknowledge that in Texas, where this slaughter took place, you can not legally drink until you are 21. You can not buy a handgun until you are 21. But, you can legally buy an AR 15 at 18 years old.

They are playing the long game. They recognize that there is anger right now. But they are counting on the anger fading. Already, people in Buffalo are worried that they will become simply another sad footnote. The NRA and the politicians in their pocket, know that if they even give the smallest recognition to the lack of gun control and the overwhelming number of guns, already in the US, that the wave of anger could become of tsunami, sweeping them away. These manipulative people and cowardly politicians disgust me.

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