Pro Life Huh?

The recent draft leaked Supreme Court decision has galvanized Democrats. Party leaders are pushing the message to voters to become single issue voters in the November midterms. Party leaders may want to consider urging voters to become double issue voters following the tragedy in Uvalde.

First of all, this chirp is not about the pro life/oro choice war. People on both sides have extremely strong opinions on this issue. However, there is a hypocrisy that can be exploited by the pro choice side. You can not, absolutely positively, be both pro life and pro gun at the same time. After seeing the slaughter of 19 kids and two teachers, you can not be against any form, and I mean any form, of stricter gun control requirements and still claim to be pro life. Can’t happen. To see gun advocates and defenders trip over themselves blaming the slaughter on everything except the obvious is just garbage. To these people, you might be pro birth but you sure as hell are not pro life.

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