Country First

During his presidential run in 2008, John McCain’s campaign slogan was “Country First”. One of the few politicians who has lived up to this slogan is Liz Cheney. She was a rising star in Republican circles. She is a fiscal and foreign policy hawk. She supported Donald Trump in 90% of her congressional votes. Given my leanings, I am not fond of her policies at all. Her star reached a zenith point when she became Conferencer Chair of the Republican Party in Congress. She was pratically guaranteed a life long seat in her Wyoming Congressional District. She could have kept on this course. There was talk of her running for President eventually.

That all came to a crashing halt when she supported the impeachment of Donald Trump. She doubled down when she accepted a position on the January 6 Committee. She has earned the unrestrained ire of Donald Trump. She is getting death threats. Her chances of ever winning her congressional district are flickering away. If, with her help, the Committee vanquishes the foe that is Trump and if the Republican base come to their senses and see Trump for the evil human being he is, Cheney might regain Republican prominence. But, that is a big if. Right now, though, she is truly putting “country first”.

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